General Info

Lacombe Christian School has been in operation for over 75 years!

We believe Christian Education to be an extension of the church, where Alberta Educations’ Curriculum is taught with a biblical perspective. Since we are a parent-led school, both students and parents grow in their faith. We trust that through our association we may grow in understanding the truths contained in God's Word and in His creation and prepare our children for a life of service in the Kingdom of God.

Every day is an Open House at Lacombe Christian School! If you have questions, would like to visit the school, or would like an application, please contact the school office at 403-782-6531. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our History

In 1945 a small group of committed parents established Lacombe Christian School southwest of Lacombe, on the present site of Woodynook Christian Reformed Church. In 1967, Lacombe Christian School moved to the present site, and amalgamated with the Calvin Christian School. The two schools became one society operating as Lacombe Christian School. (LCS).

Over the years, LCS has grown, thanks to God’s continued blessings, and parents’ dedication. In 1982 a gymnasium and additional classrooms were added to accommodate increased enrollment, and only 8 years later - February 1990, a second building (the East Campus) was opened and now houses ECS classes and grades one to three. In 2001, the original west school building was replaced with a modern, spacious facility. This building currently has students from grades four to nine as well as the administrative offices. In the summer of 2020 the East Campus was renovated to make room for more classrooms plus a new gymnasium was added!

Lacombe Christian School is a parent governed private school serving parents from a variety of denominational backgrounds. We are an independent, interdenominational school with Alberta Certified Teachers who teach the Alberta Curriculum from a Christ-Centered perspective.

Our Vision

“To the glory of God, by His grace, and on the foundation of His word, Lacombe Christian School strives to nurture and educate children to be Spirit-filled Disciples of Christ and responsible, discerning citizens in society.”

Our Goals

  • To provide our children with an education which is uniquely Christ-centered and which aims at the highest possible academic standards while stimulating Spiritual growth and Scriptural wisdom.
  • To guide our children as God's image-bearers in their social, emotional, and psychological maturation within the spirit of Christ's mandate to love one's neighbour.
  • To nurture self-esteem, motivate, and guide students in their preparation for and choice of a vocation for life time service in the Lord.
  • To help our students raise signposts of God's kingdom in the world and equip them to serve God and neighbour.

Our Structure

Membership is based on wholehearted subscription to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Lacombe Christian School Society. Applicants for membership must be over the age of eighteen and must sign a membership form and pay the $100.00 annual membership fee. Lacombe Christian School is a member of Christian Schools International. We are also a member of the Association of Independent Schools and Colleges in Alberta.

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