Complimentary Courses

Students in Grades 6-9 can choose courses in order of their preference from 1 to 10 - and we try our best to accommodate students' preferences, as space is available. Each course runs for one term, and there are 3 terms per year. At the end of each term, students will move to a new course (students are not able to take the same course twice in one year). There are a limited number of spaces available for each course, and students may not get their first or second choices at all in a year.

Art 1

Every student possesses an innate creative ability, which is a gift from God, and reflects His image. In this basic introduction to art, the students will explore their creativity by reviewing and building on their knowledge about the basic elements of art and principles of design. Using a variety of materials and tools, students will be encouraged to visually reflect on their faith journey as they learn and practice techniques in sketching, drawing, painting, and ceramics.

Art 2

Because we believe every student possesses some form of creative ability, we have been looking for different ways for them to express it. In this basic introduction to card-making and scrap-booking, the students will explore their creativity by learning about some basic techniques such as - use of colour, stamping , embossing, the use of embellishments, shapes, journaling, and a variety of page layouts. Using a variety of materials and tools, students will practice making cards for every occasion and laying out their pictures on a scrapbook page in such a way that it tells a story. Students will be asked to bring in pictures to create a scrapbook page.

Digital Media Studies

In this option, students have opportunity to work with a variety of digital media including digital photos, web pages, logos, brochures, and posters. Using digital cameras and a variety of software, students will practice creating, editing, and publishing digital products onto paper and the web. Content for these products will be drawn from the daily activities going on at the school. Some examples could be creating a webpage to cover Field Day, or creating posters to advertise upcoming school events.


Students will learn about safety and sanitation in the kitchen, how to follow recipes, cooking terms and measuring. The majority of the time will be spent in the kitchen using these skills while preparing delicious meals and desserts.


* Grade 8 & 9 only. In this complementary course, students will be heading over to the Central Alberta Christian High School Woodworking shop. There, they will learn shop safety, use of hand and power tools, and construct small wood projects. All projects that the students make are theirs to keep, as a reminder of their woodworking experience.


(Choir) This option will focus on the skills necessary to build and strengthen singing ability and technique. Our sessions will include a combination of singing, listening, sight singing, rhythm exercises and rehearsing.

Personal Fitness and Recreation

The focus of PFR is to promote healthy living through personal fitness, cooperative games, as well as exploring different types of athletics/movements. Some classes may include an instructor from outside of our teaching staff (dance, strength conditioning, Pound class, etc) while other classes focus on physicality. Students who enjoy being active and are open to trying new activities will love this opportunity! Programming will vary depending on the season.


In small teams, students will learn and practice simple computer programming and mechanical design by building robots using the latest LEGO Mindstorms technology. The step-by-step projects will teach the basics and lead to more creative technical challenges. No prior programming experience required!

Scale Modelling

Students are given opportunity to explore different and exciting forms of scale modelling. We start with building and painting a military diorama. Following this, we build a Level 2 or higher vehicle and possibly a functional scale model rocket. Emphasis in this course will be placed on following instructions and working carefully to create detailed and realistic representations of real things. Students must supply their own Level 2 vehicle for this course.

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