Hot Lunch

Every month we offer a Hot Lunch Option for our students. Each child may choose to order all or just some of the Hot Lunch choices offered, and your payment reflects only what is chosen. *Parents of Kindergarten students: we alternate Hot Lunches on Tuesday & Wednesdays—so please choose the meals for your child according to which day your child attends Kindergarten.

We also offer a Gluten Free Option for those students who have severe allergies to gluten, or celiac disease. The GF Menu is the same as the regular menu, but note there is a separate form for GF Orders. The GF lunches require separate payment to the Totally Gluten Free Bakery. (see order form for exact instructions).

September$5.00Chicken Burger, Brownie, Apple Slices, & Juice-box
October$5.00Taco in a bag, Fruit Parfait, & Juice-box
November$5.00Chili and a bun, Mandarin Orange, Donut & Juice-box
December$5.00Lasagna, Veggies & Dip, Garlic Bread, & Juice-box
January$3.00/$5.00Pizza, Fruit Kabob, Ice Cream Sandwich, & Juice-box
Feburary$5.00Chicken Noodle Soup, Bun with cheese, Donut, & Juice-box
March$5.00(+$2for12")6" Ham Sub, Fruit Parfait, Cheesecake, & Juice-box
April$5.00Pulled Pork, Veggies & Dip, Chocolate Chip Cookie & Juicebox
May$5.00Hamburger, Watermelon, Bag of Chips, & Juice-box
June$3.00/$5.00Pizza, Brownie, Ice Cream Cup, & Juice-box