Lacombe Christian School offers a transitional experience that extends the home and early childhood programs into the elementary school. As such, it provides a flexible program that considers the developmental stages of children as well as their individual differences.

Our Playschool Program runs from September to June. We are currently offering two classes on the East Campus: Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:45am-11:15am (2.5hrs) OR Fridays, 8:45am-11:45am (3hrs). Children who will reach their 4th birthday by December 31st are eligible to attend.

We believe that children are gifts from God. We believe that when children feel safe, respected, encouraged, and loved they will thrive. Our aim is to help children understand how precious they are as children of God, and we'll do that through: stories, songs, crafts, and play time that will meet their developmental needs.

We believe true education is the harmonious development of the whole being. Therefore, the areas of spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and social development become an integral part of the learning environment. Learning is a complex process that includes thinking, doing, modeling, and speaking; it is optimal when children are provided with the opportunity to engage in these activities in a safe and creative environment. This type of learning environment enhances a child's self-concept and creates a joy of learning.

We believe play is a central and necessary part of a child's development. Play is a major avenue for learning and provides a natural opportunity for young children to add to their knowledge, learn new skills, and practice familiar ones. Play provides situations where the child observes, discovers, reasons, and solves problems. Play also brings together physical and intellectual abilities, emotional health, spiritual awareness, creativity, and the ability to get along well with others.

Lacombe Christian Playschool has been formed to meet the social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and spiritual needs of four year old children. Lacombe Christian Playschool will operate under the direction of a certified early childhood teacher who will plan age-appropriate activities through centers and play activities. The teacher will demonstrate the use and procedures for play. Activities and centers will be based on the specific needs of the group and developmental level. These activities will include gross motor skills, activities to stimulate appropriate social interaction, fine arts activities to develop creativity, exploration activities to stimulate curiosity in learning, and use of stories and media to meet spiritual and emotional learning. All activities are designed to be appropriate to the age and needs of preschool children, focusing on "hands-on" and interactive method of learning.

Some examples of how Lacombe Christian Playschool will meet the physical, social, intellectual, creative, and emotional needs of the children will include:

  • Physical: small motor activities during play and art projects, use of games and play in the gymnasium
  • Social: sharing opportunities and encouraging group play
  • Intellectual: through story, activity centers, problem solving
  • Creative: through play, art, music, expression, dramatic play
  • Emotional: fostering a safe, loving, and caring environment, encouraging students to do their best in all activities and treat one another with love and respect
Lacombe Christian Playschool understands the transition students make from home to school. Enrollment of children is open to all parents who are in accord with the character of the school, as it is outlined in our Parent Handbook. We encourage interested families to call or stop in at the school to arrange a tour of our facilities, as well as pick up an Information Package. Alternately, you can print the Information Package from this website for your perusal.

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer in Lacombe Christian Playschool. Parents may also be asked to help with field trips, providing food for parties, assistance in the classroom for special activities, etc.

Playschool Parent & Student Handbook is available here to download.

Playschool Registration Forms are available to download. Alternatively, you may stop in at the school office to pick up a copy. We look forward to meeting you!

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